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Jacksonville Modification Lawyer

At Bell Law Firm, we understand that divorce decrees and family law orders stemming from custody actions do not always stand the test of time. If pursuing modification or enforcement has become necessary for you, we can educate you on your rights and pursue the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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Modification In North Carolina

It is important for child support and custody judgments to reflect the current means of the parents and the current needs of the children. When things get out of line it may be necessary to seek modification. The first step is demonstrating that there has been a significant material change such as a job loss, new job, or changes in a child's medical or schooling needs. We are skilled at obtaining modifications to child custody, visitation, support agreements and orders. In some circumstances, it may also be possible to revisit your spousal support or alimony order.

Parental Relocation

Child relocation or parental relocation requests are one of the chief causes of modification orders being sought. This is particularly a prevalent issue in situations where one or both parents are in the military. We are familiar with these situations and procedures and can help you protect your valuable time with your children.

Onslow County Order Enforcement Attorneys

When the terms of an agreement or order for child support, custody, spousal support or alimony are not met, an enforcement proceeding can begin. We provide skilled representation to individuals who are pursuing these actions or are in need of defense. We will educate you on your rights and strive to resolve your issue as efficiently as possible so you can protect your interest and move forward with your life.

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