About Julius J. Cherry, Esq.

Julius J. Cherry, Esq. has served Sacramento in many capacities, including fire chief, attorney, and volunteer on many nonprofit boards and commissions. A bankruptcy tailered to meet your specific needs starts with an informal discussion with your attorney. Your specific concerns will be addressed with advice tailored to meet your goals with as little disruption as possible. For more, see Julius J. Cherry, Esq.

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  What Bankruptcy Can Do  

Protect Your Rights and Property


Bill Collectors Stopped

Immediately halt bill collectors. Just tell bill collectors that you are represented by Julius J. Cherry attorney at law. We handle it from there. See Bankruptcy and Bill Collectors


Your Home Saved

Avoid or stop foreclosure on your home. Give yourself time to work out a plan to save your home, including mortgage adjustment to lower home loan payments. See Bankruptcy and Mortgage


Wage Attachment Ended

Stop money from being taken out of your paycheck to pay for for judgments. It is even possible to get some of the money back. See Bankruptcy and Wage Garnishment


A Fresh Start

Clear your old debt and start with a "clean slate", giving you a fresh start and a chance to rebuild your financial life. See Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy


Bankruptcies Up 14% in FY 2010

Business bankruptcies fall from previous year, but personal bankruptcies rise despite offical end of recession. See Bankruptcy News